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Yesenia Delbrey HIV Positive McKinney Texas Cheaters

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Date: 3:45 pm

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Bigger than the State of Texas. Yesenia Delbrey, uneducated HIV Positive unfit mother & whale. Every picture of her is worst than the last. Her 1st ex husband is awaiting trial for two counts of continuous sexual abuse of a minor, for which Yesenia put the kids up to lying. Volatile temper and in debt over her head. Already filed bankruptcy & filing again. Every single man she dated or marries winds up with an arrest or charges. Happens because every single guy rejects Yesenia for being morbidly obese, crude, violent, & overall undesirable. Yesenia, being of the low class she is, goes after the men & has her kids lie to police on them. Fat gross Pig talked all hard this past week with threats of killing the many she thinks put her on blast. Her new profile photo on Facebook has her kissing a guy who is trying to slither away from her. He looks pained & disgusted all while being drunk off his a**. Guaranteed when he wakes up he’ll wonder what the h**l happened. No man would be desperate enough to willfully go with an obese HIV Positive girl like Yesenia. Hope his name don’t get out cuz he could be featured on the site & his dirty laundry aired when found. Any straight drunk man would snap out of it seeing Yesenia’s body & endless fat rolls. Don’t forget her cankles & HIV Positive status. No man would take s*x from Yesenia unless they were desperate & had no other options. Who’d want to be seen in public with her? Fact is normal straight men don’t like fatties. Could you imagine Yesenia at an all you can eat buffet? Yesenia has criminal charges for truancy & wrote bad check to cover traffic ticket. Not surprising she don’t send kids to school, she herself is uneducated & has rotten grammar to boot. Divorced twice. How she even gets one date is the eighth wonder of the world. It’s going to be fun to watch things crash down on Yesenia & all her baggage.

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First Name: Yesenia
Middle Name: Delbrey
Last Name: HIV Positive McKinney Texas
Category: Cheaters


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