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Winnipeg’s Woman beater, multiple woman cheater, abuser physically mentally verbally. Narcissistic, serial lier, you name it. Cheaters

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Beware of this cheating a*s. This is Jeff Arnold. Jeff is from Winnipeg Manitoba. He works at Manitoba public insurance company on plessis rd compound. Jeff has a very bad habit of cheating and being abusive in all ways, physically, mentally, verbally, he has raped as well. Jeff is also very narcissistic , and if he doesn’t get his own way he will do anything to make your life a living h**l. Jeff had affairs with 3 different women at his work including me, that we know of. It got so bad that they made him transfer from the downtown Manitoba public insurance company to the plessis location compound.
Jeff told each of us that he was not married, that he will make us very happy, and that he would treat us “how what a woman should be treated”. Well things went fine for awhile until one day he took me to his place “so I thought “. And it looked like a family was living there. I notice he was not letting me see the house like he was hiding something. So things happened. Then Jeff went to the washroom and I noticed that there was woman stuff there when I was kinda snooping around. I was so p**s at Jeff I left and didn’t ever want anything to do with him. Then he started calling me day in day out driving by my house all hours of the night stocking me. He even threatened to kick down my door. Had to call the police on him. They said this was not the first time they had to deal with Jeff. So they went to talk to him again, and warned him not to come by or he be arrested. Like he listened. He came by again that night trying to be sneaky and park farther down the street. He left me flowers on my steps, creepy or what. Finally I told my boss what is going on how Jeff was causing problems in the work place. So my boss had a meeting with Jeff and he warned Jeff. Jeff so far left me alone. Then he stared seeing 2 other people at work. For a few months not sure what exactly happened there. One was crying bc Jeff got mad at her and held her to the floor and she bang her head so bad there was a goose egg on the back of it. Then later on a couple months went by and she found out she is pregnant with Jeff’s kid. She said that Jeff would never have anything to do with the baby if she can help it. She been trying her hardest to hide it from him. She said that she won’t ever put his name on the birth certificate so he wouldn’t have any rights to the child. This guy is beyond a nut job. He is a woman beater psycho lying probably tones of std’s on top of it. So ladies if you are reading this. Run run as far as you can and get your self tested bc you need to be safe. Jeff cares less who he hurts. Jeff remember this what goes around comes around. Karma will get you. You deserve much worse then this , I am sure everyone who is reading this is saying that as well. But now your picture is on here and people will now know who you are. Your nothing but a pu$$y and your kids don’t need to be raised by you. They need a real man who is honest knows how to treat a woman right. That’s nothing you would ever know. And you thinking you can get anything you want ! That won’t happen we will make sure about it. Now the truth is out there.

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First Name: Winnipeg’s
Middle Name: Woman
Last Name: beater, multiple woman cheater, abuser physically mentally verbally. Narcissistic, serial lier, you name it.
Category: Cheaters


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