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William Brian Bugh, Fishers, Indiana Cheaters

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Date: 5:21 am

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I met William Brian Bugh on POF Plentyoffish in 2010. We were together for 4 years and I loved him more than anyone. And he claimed to love me. But 2 years after we met, he met up with a girl on POF Plentyoffish and cheated on me. I almost left him when I found out, and I really wish that I had. He told me that he was extremely sorry and that he loved me and promised that it would never happen again. I loved him and wanted so badly to believe him, so i stayed. At the beginning of 2014, his ex, Ashley Richardson, called him crying and said that her fiance left her. She called Brian because apparently she had no one to talk to. At first, I didn’t mind, they were friends, and she was my friend too. We even bought each other presents every Christmas. But then, they started talking every single day, all the time. He would only text her if I wasn’t next to him. He was always sending her long Facebook messages, but changed to a different screen when I walked by. Then, I noticed they were each others top friend on Snap Chat. Neither of them had sent me anything on there in a long time, and if they were sending each other pictures of cats, they would have sent them to me to. One night, after Brian said he was going to bed, I checked his Facebook. They had been sexing each other for months and sending nude photos on Snap Chat. Again, I should have left, but I am stupid. Once again, he promised me that it would never happened again, told me that he loved me more than anything and wanted to grow old together. I stayed, but I was always worried that something else was going to happen. And I was right. A week later, I had a bad feeling about things. So I snooped through his email and they were still talking. I hadn’t looked at his emails before when I found out they were talking, so I decided to scroll up and read every email from the last few months. He had been hanging out with her every time he told me that he had been out with friends. And that w***e had been coming over to my apartment on the nights I had to work late. That i when i finally left the w***e. And I am SO glad I did, my life has been great since I left. I didn’t realize how unhappy I actually was when I was with him, I wish I would have left the very first time he cheated. I have learned my lesson and will never take back a cheater again. They are both horrible people and BOTH have histories of cheating in the past. I cant wait until they cheat on each other, its going to be hilarious.

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Cheater Details

First Name: William
Middle Name: Brian
Last Name: Bugh, Fishers, Indiana
Category: Cheaters


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