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this b***h can't get her own man, has to try to take from another woman!! HomeWreckers

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Latisha Malone of Springfield, Oregon is a homewrecker. She started getting my friend to come over to her house to “help her” with household issues(the toilet being clogged beyond belief was the first)…and she just kept finding more and more s**t for him to do…then his wife started questioning what was really going on!! well of course he told her he was getting paid to do all of this stuff for “lala”….but when she noticed that he was gone ALL THE TIME and that they had no more money than before she began to really get upset….and well he stopped going over there for awhile, but then lala would contact him, lure him to her house with the promise of more $$, and then seduse him…of course this became an contention between them, and with lala all up in his ear it didnt get any better. and then it came out he was having an affair with the b***h!! now my friends wife knows, and wants to beat the b*****s a*s!! but lala is a scared b***h and won’t fight, instead she sneaks around and sees him when his wife is sleeping or busy. this has made his and his wifes lives living h**l. i hope that this never happens to any one else!

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First Name: this
Middle Name: b***h
Last Name: can't get her own man, has to try to take from another woman!!
Category: HomeWreckers


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