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Taran Dion Glover: Always a cheater Cheaters

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Taran is still cheating and lying to women. He will turn his phone on silent when he is with you so you don’t hear the other women calling or texting him. When he is not with you, he will not answer your call but text you that he will call you back. He is now creating a strategy plan to be able to call you. The trick is, when he does this late at night he usually runs to the store, so when he gets home, wait 20-30 min and then see if he answers a CALL! Also, he will tell you he has to go out of town, this is so he can go spend a few days with another woman and not be bothered by you. So, just know 70-80% of the time he says he is going out of town he is lying and staying in town or taking another woman out of town on a trip. Girls, Dion will always take you to the Marriott, that’s where he takes all his women. He also likes to take women to Ocean City, Maryland and Las Vegas. He will want to take you to a topless bar there in Vegas. He takes all the women to the same places. UGH!!! Also, because he sleeps with so many women you will get vaginal infections with odor and discharge. He will blame this on you, but its because he sleeps with so many random chics. This man doesn’t have a job, he beats women, he hates women, he loves to be mean to them and degrade them to the fullest. He is a monster! He will be charming the first month but after that, watch out! He is extremely controlling and will turn you against your friends and family. This man only care about himself, he is a Narcissistic Abuser – actual diagnosis – and will ruin your life and not care even in the smallest. Also, whatever you do, DO NOT GIVE HIM A KEY TO YOUR HOME!!!! Do not fall for it. He is just using you so he will be safe and you will go down! Take what you want from this, but it’s true, from the heart of someone who has been beaten by this man!

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First Name: Taran
Middle Name: Dion
Last Name: Glover: Always a cheater
Category: Cheaters


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