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Steve Zeafla aka Dr Z Cheaters

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Date: 3:54 am

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This guy Steve Zeafla cheats wives, fiance’ and girlfriends. He has a fake lamb, a new vette that he cleaned out his retirement fund to buy and uses expensive cars to lure women. He’s over his head in debt to appear wealthy when he is not. Not all women are materialistic but this guy is seeing three to four women at a time AND men he meets through s*x ads. He’s real scum of the earth and a true narcissist. He lives in Symrna but moving to Lebanon which means new women to meet although was seeing me for a long time, got back with his ex-fiance after breaking up with current gf then cheated on the fiance with his newest ex gf. They’re BOTH cheaters with no respect for boundaries or integrity. His license plate says “Dr Z” although a airplane mechanic.

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First Name: Steve
Middle Name: Zeafla
Last Name: aka Dr Z
Category: Cheaters


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