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Russell Hodge, Middletown, Virginia Cheaters

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Met this man in July 2014. It was a long distance relationship to start. Drove to Virginia to meet him. Went out and shout pool right off of Millwood Pike in Winchester, VA. Spent the evening together. A few days later, we are talking and he claims his bank account was drained. I Western Unioned him a small sum of money to help him out. Went to see him again the beginning of August. A few red flags started to go off when I noticed his time schedule and suddenly flagging communications. I received a call last week from another woman stating that she was also his seeing him and that she had been contacted by another woman. He claims it was a crazy ex out to ruin his life and she had hacked his Google account and posted old pics of him holding his niece at the hospital. Looking back at the excuses alarms went off. Dummied up a facebook page and friended this woman. And plain as day, there he sits next to her with his newborn son in his arms. Looking back further, seems they have been together for several years. Checked on the web, looks as if I am now the fourth mistress in a year. You cheated on her while she was pregnant! Thats pretty f*****g low! Get some d**n help before you lose everything you value over your p***y.

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First Name: Russell
Middle Name: Hodge,
Last Name: Middletown, Virginia
Category: Cheaters


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