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Rodolfo Camacho, Palm Springs, California Cheaters

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Date: 2:01 pm

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I met my now ex boyfriend through a friend. I’m recently divorced and at the time i met him i was very vulnerable and in need of affection. Which impaired all of my judgement with him especially because he did intrigue me . So there i was falling head over hills for someone i wish i have never crossed paths with. I’ve recently come to the conclusion that he is narcissistic! And really good at using his charm in many ways for all kinds of reasons with anyone. From the beginning of our relationship he has continuously keep his ex-girlfriend before i, in his back pocket. Because she doesn’t mind being his second choice. He uses all resources when necessary all the time. So he has been going back and forth between us both and recently he has had other affairs with other woman before I’ve finally had more then enough. I’ve found him on P.O.F. then confronted him about it and his response was that he made the profile to look for me. So recently i came across him again on the same dating website but he had made some alterations to his page. Trying to make it harder to search him… silly boy tricks are for kids. This dirt bag was playing tea party with his ex-girlfriend while i was at work. While i was pregnant with his baby he was having her come by the house And pick him up so they can go talk, run errands…etc. as if i wasn’t there at all! This lil boy has No real purpose in life other then pleasing himself and all of his selfish needs. He is a predictor and i am not his last victim.

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First Name: Rodolfo
Middle Name: Camacho,
Last Name: Palm Springs, California
Category: Cheaters


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