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Rebecca Jensen, Minneapolis MN HomeWreckers

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Rebecca ‘Becca’ Ann (maiden name Ritchie) Jensen, birthdate May 1980, is in our opinion a behaviorally unstable woman who enjoys damaging the lives of families, both other families and her own. She is the mother of three, claims to be estranged from her family and is a high school dropout, smoker and all around liar and destructive human being who brags about her drinking and claims that she is “crazy”, and a “bad person” who “hates people”. While Becca enjoys being manipulative and conniving, she’s also delusional and foolish enough to allow herself to be used by liars, cheaters and abusers who criticized her overall lifestyle, appearance and never had an intention of having a serious relationship with her (or other side pieces).

Becca Jensen, who has went on BDSM sites claiming to be a sexual submissive (often under the names Medea or Misfit) knowingly has affairs with various men in relationships and not only encourages them in their substance abuse, but also encourages these men to emotionally and physically abuse their partners, including joking about “choking” the partners and punching them in the face. Becca sent some of these cheating men texts and gmails when she was aware that their relative was dying and when other relatives were seriously ill during the Covid 19 Pandemic. In one case, Becca’s toxic interactions with one of these cheaters resulted in the cheater spiraling worse into substance abuse, physically and emotionally abusing not only his partner but his parents, arrest, criminal penalties and financial destitution. Becca, not content with the damage that she had helped create, continued to cause drama in this family’s life. Becca, or another of the side pieces, is also suspected of making harassing phone calls to the relative of one of these cheaters.

Becca Jensen also used her work time as a data specialist at the “bad company” that she worked for (FAS in Roseville) to craft torture-murder stories about women, including Becca crafting a list using the names of real life women, as well as job hunting, badmouthing her supervisor and coworkers and bragging about being intoxicated during her remote working. Becca then whined to one of these cheaters when the “bad company” laid her off in April of 2020!

Becca Jensen also discussed her three children in terms of “the nightmare of her life” and “having kids has not been kind to me, in many ways”. Becca Jensen invaded her children’s privacy by sending an unsolicited photo of her adolescent daughter K, posed on a table, to at least one of these cheating men. This deeply questionable photo was later found saved on the cheater’s phone, alongside images of Becca Jensen’s l***a, b*****s and a*s. Becca Jensen also invaded her children’s privacy when she discussed her children’s lives (including her daughter K’s musical recitals) with these men. She also farmed out her young son when one of these cheaters, who dislikes children, visited her (in his words, dirty and cluttered) home, drank alcohol with her and became irritated with her son.

What kind of parent, in our opinion, prioritizes her affairs with cheaters over the emotional well being of their children, and knowingly had her children around violent, unstable substance abusers that she was cheating with?

Becca Jensen also has denigrated her various family members. Becca stated, among other comments, that she can’t stand her mother, dislikes her sisters and stated to one cheater, “I don’t know what sisters are good for. Want to trade?” Becca also complained about her deceased fiance T’s family, whining that his family hadn’t removed his stuff from her home and had even had the poor taste and entitlement to invite one of these cheaters to T’s family’s cabin to meet them (the cheater declined, in part because he didn’t want people to assume that he was Becca’s boyfriend!) She never said that she missed T.

We hope that T’s family learns the truth about who Becca Jensen really is, and the damage she knowingly has done to other innocent families.

Unless you want drama and damage in your life, we would advise you to avoid Becca Jensen. If your relative dates Becca Jensen, or if you discover that your relative has been having an affair with her, please be concerned for your family’s safety and emotional well being. Becca Jensen has a toxic need for competition and inflicting emotional damage and only seems to care when she experiences consequences for her behavior.

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Cheater Details

First Name: Rebecca
Middle Name: Jensen,
Last Name: Minneapolis MN
Category: HomeWreckers


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