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Paula Matakiewicz, Ventura, California Cheaters

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this is actually a much longer, more sordid tale than i will write here. i will just detail why she is a disingenuous, horrible, disgusting w***e that no one in their right mind should touch with a ten foot pole, and leave it at that.

i met her through some friends. we didn’t start talking until a few months after i had met her, when she instant messaged me out the blue. we started talking fairly regularly, when she suggested i go visit her for a few days. i figured, what the h**l, and went for it. the first day, we were just friends. the second day, she was all over me. it was sort of startling, having all that attention. i ended up staying a week, which she spent manipulating me, wrapping me around her little finger, as suffice it to say, i was all new to this. when i went home, she started calling me every day. we’d talk on the phone all night, sometimes until 7 a.m. over the next month or so, i went broke using my money to go visit her. she would even call me from her friends’ houses. one night, she called me at around 2 a.m., told me she was going home, and would call me in 15 minutes. i waited for about half an hour, then went to sleep. at 6, the phone rang. she was crying, but wouldn’t tell me why. she said “someday.” she had been at her ex-boyfriend’s house, who she insisted on hanging out with, despite the fact that she claimed he made her feel like s**t. anyway, she refused to tell me what was wrong. a week later, i had her come stay with me for a week. i spent my entire tax return on her, things for us, and a train ticket for her to go home. oh yeah, and after the first time we had s*x, she told me why she had cried that night: she had had a threesome with her ex and his new girlfriend. she told me this, after she had me wrapped around her little finger, after she knew she had me. i had too much invested, emotionally and otherwise, to just drop it. and i was too blind to see her for what she really was (and is.) being in the impressionable, head-over-heels state i was in, i forgave her, comforted her and told her it was okay, despite all the pain i personally felt. come to think of it, i don’t think she even apologized, just more or less said “well, we hadn’t f****d yet, so it doesn’t matter.” we spent a week apart, and all the emotions bottled up inside of me led to a few arguments, which she made me feel horribly guilty for, but insisted everythign was alright, and that it was normal to argue. so i borrowed money and went out of my way to go back and visit her a week later. the night before, she said we were doing okay, told me i meant so much to her, blah blah. within the first 15 minutes i was there, she broke up with me. i was obviously heart-broken. a deadly combination of heart-break and the feeling that i was a huge sucker. look at what i let this person do to me. she screwed me over n such a huge way, and i let her get away with it. i went broke for her. and this is what i get in return. “you know, since we talked 6 hours ago, you know, when i told you how good you were for me, i’ve changed my mind. sorry!” even then, for the next month or so, she continued calling me, often wasted on drugs and alcohol, telling me how i’m the best thing to ever happen to her. luckily for me, i went out of the country to visit my father long enough to get my head straight and realize i was being dicked around.

so, here’s a summary of this chick (with some stuff i didn’t get around to in the description):

she’s a s**t. i don’t mean she’s “promiscuous” or “likes to party,” i mean she’s a d**n s**t. hooked me, then f****d her nasty, coked up boyfriend and his ugly w***e of a girlfriend.
she’s f****d up in the head. she couldn’t make up her mind whether she hated her ex, or wanted to hang out with him.
she’s also very masochistic, her arms are covered in in scars, which i felt sorry for her for, but now just realize she’s an attention w***e and will do anything to be the center of attention in her purposely chaotic world.
she’s a coke fiend. and an every other kind of fiend, too. she and her friends take f*****g cat tranquilizers to get high, for christ’s sake. she and her friends are the kinds of people who have to be f****d up on something at all times, be it prescription drugs, illegal drugs, alcohol, h**l, probably even glue. white trash to the very core.
she surrounds herself with horrible people, the very worst kind. it says a lot that all of her male friends ask her for s*x frequently. they’re a bunch of date rapists, the kind of guys who bring girls to small parties, load ’em up on booze and pills, then f**k them. i don’t know how many times she put out for them in a drug induced stupor, but, judging from her physical characteristics (you know what i’m talking about…), it was probably fairly often. eugh
in short, stay the f**k away. she’s rotten, mentally and physically. now if you’ll excuse me, i’m going to go get an std test.

and just because i can, here’s an entry from her blog she wrote about me a couple days before she broke up with me. it was a private entry, but the dumb b***h hasn’t removed me from her friends list yet, so here it is, for all the world to see!:

” i kind of miss being away from home and i would like to go to jesse’s house again soon. it’s a boring town and we don’t really have a lot to do there, but i like quaint things like that. and i just like his company that much and the “humbleness” of staying at his house in his small town. it seems my life confuses jesse at times. but in the midst of whatever is going on, i don’t know if i can ever reassure him and express well enough how much i appreciate him. he’s someone that is away from everything, someone unpretending and not putting on a show, someone who is a truly genuine, honest person (for a human at least). he just seems to do whatever he does because he is naturally being himself. it seems to be something i haven’t experienced a lot lately, a person who does what they do NOT for the sake of impressing anyone else, underlying and untrusting motives, or doing it because it’s “cool” or makes them feel cool and doesn’t refuse to do things that they truly like because it makes them feel “uncool”…he is genuine, to say the least. although, i’m not necessarily saying that i think it is wrong to do things for the sake of impressing others, some people’s interests and personalities just come with doing that and i can also understand doing what makes you feel “cool”, or being histrionic, or just traits of that sort…i relate to and take part in those things as well, and tend to surround myself with it…and i guess that is why it is most refreshing to sometimes meet someone who doesn’t give a s**t about what everyone thinks (in a superficial sense, not in a self-rigteous, one-sided or incompassionate sense…meh, you catch my drift..)…and not “not giving a s**t” to be too cool either!…none of that bullshit. no, jesse is not an obnoxious jerk about it. he is actually one of the sweetest people i know as of now…heh, well at least from my perception of him. so, basically, i am saying i hate jesse. (heh)… “

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First Name: Paula
Middle Name: Matakiewicz,
Last Name: Ventura, California
Category: Cheaters


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