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Nick Gifford, Warwick Rhode Island Cheaters

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Date: 11:18 pm

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Nick grew up as a juvenile delinquent because he lost his father at 10 and his mother Kathleen had to w***e herself out to raise the family. Nick does not know how to tell the truth. His entire life agenda is to blame and to make excuses to cover his real life. Nick always picks out the flaws of people he dates to deflect any responsibility for his lies and manipulation. Nick is a struggling actor with a fetish for father figures, and he will suck their dicks for approvals. Women are advised to steer clear of this phony. Nick, don’t f**k with people who kiss and tell, you lil’ dumb b***h.

Cheryl Glennon

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First Name: Nick
Middle Name: Gifford,
Last Name: Warwick Rhode Island
Category: Cheaters


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