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Narcissist plus Cheaters

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Cheats, lies and a whole lot more. He has had a problem for years in getting his d**k hard and its never about you but always about him. He has let himself go to seed or beyond that even. He will use you for s*x but to get you into bed he paints a wonderful picture of how much he is into you. You will only be used for s*x. His idea of what he likes is fat and ugly things. You are just there for s*x. I’m sure there is truth there somewhere in the things he has said but lord help me because I have no idea where. Russ Kelly keeps the lies coming. Its only since I moved back that I have discovered the extent of the lies. And he will work hard to break you and whoever you are with up. But count on him to exit just as fast once he has had his fun.

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First Name: Narcissist
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Last Name: plus
Category: Cheaters


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