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Marcus Deason, Loveland CO/Dallas TX Cheaters

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Date: 4:03 am

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Please avoid this 35 year old mentality unstable person who uses and abuses women. He’s a pathological liar, and will get strangers involved in your relationship because he’s can’t deal with reality or the truth about who he really is. He’s using his social media to collect women and he uses other apps like a dating service. He cheats on everyone and when confronted turns it around because he gets called out. He hides his relationships from everyone and pretends he’s single while sleeping with and in relationships with multiple women. He’s on his phone 24×7 getting female attention and when he’s done with you discards you and acts like he doesn’t know you. Don’t let him continue to do this and hurt anyone else before they believe his lies until it’s too late. Stay away from this predator and don’t believe the initial facade which wears off. He will pit women against each other and we have to stick together to prevent as much damage as possible. You have been warned.

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First Name: Marcus
Middle Name: Deason,
Last Name: Loveland CO/Dallas TX
Category: Cheaters

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  1. Posted By: Rick
    Date: August 16, 2021 12:14 am

    I’m friends with the ex-gf and know her since 7th grade. She was in a 2 1/2 year relationship with this douchebag until end of July. When he left earlier in the month he kissed her goodbye and said “see ya in 8 weeks”. No breakup, no discussions about seeing other people. This “player” got back to Colorado and within days screwed a 22 year old hoe and got her pregnant and continued to sleep around Denver. He was telling my friend that he was working on himself, working on his business, not with anyone the usual bull c**p. He left Dallas and planned to get home and act like he never new her, wasn’t with her and she wasn’t his gf. Because he had in his mind the 22 year old hoe was the replacement. He spent the next 7 weeks abusing her, stringing her along, lying, playing her and talking trash behind her back. He was too much of a pu**y to tell her he got this girl pregnant but told his friends and family my friend was crazy. He snuck around and called her and told her he loved her while laying down with hoes behind her back. Getting the chick knocked up is his payback for all the scheming and crazy c**p he pulled. Maybe she’ll wise up and tell this POS to hit the road.

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