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Lynn Brown, Gladstone, North Dakota Cheaters

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This home wrecking w***e using, drunken a*s should be put in e mental institution. I met her in a bar and it was probably the only night she was not sloppy drunk. I didn’t see her for what she really is for a while and that is my fault. I learned a good lesson with this one. She gave up the p***y on the first night and so the entrapment started. She wanted to move into my house the next day and the sob stories began after that. She could not pay her bills, she could not pay her rent. She needed money at every turn. She has a job but I found that every penny she made went to her alcohol and then I found out later to her drug addiction. I never let her move in and I helped her with a few things but then I started catching on to her little game. And when I did she got angry. When I did not give her money the anger came out. Then she started to try to blackmail me by saying that if I didn’t help her when she needed it she would file police reports about abuse. Which never happened. The last straw was when I went over to her apartment unannounced and caught her in the living giving a b******b to this old guy that lived in her building. When I mean old, I mean this guy was in his 70s and then he told me he pays her 25.00 blow jobs every week. Then he said that she advertises online as a bj. That was the last time I have seen her. Don’t go anywhere near this pay for play w***e and save yourself the trouble of think you found a nice woman. You didn’t .

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First Name: Lynn
Middle Name:
Last Name: Brown, Gladstone, North Dakota
Category: Cheaters


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