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Liar and will ruin a person Liar

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This person is not a terrible person but what she does is ruin insecure men until they feel like they shouldn’t exist. What she mainly goes after is a a man with children so she can hang with the kids when she’s bored. She will do anything to destroy confidence She picks a man who is insecure and has poor temperament. The men have no clue until a good year goes by and they realize they have been used. Men are tools for her. Used to be just for fun and enjoyment. Now it’s for a kid. Heart goes out for the next man used. He most likely will be very stupid and bot oick up the clues. Zero loyalty as well. Will watch you die if you even cross or reject her

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First Name: Liar
Middle Name: and
Last Name: will ruin a person
Category: Liar


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