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Liar and Cheater Liar

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Regular on dating applications for past decade, while in a committed relationship. Hooks up and situationships with multiple women, does not wear condoms or will stealth. Uses women for a place to sleep while using excuse that his swing shift job is too far away or making excuses home is too far away. When he has no home due to two bankruptcy and a girlfriend 12 years his senior is paying his bills and a roof over his head, and he cheats on her.

His past was a troubled youth, placed in a “at risk” boys center for consistent lying, aggressive behavior and manipulation. Graduated college to be a cop, retired then is now a private security agent. Travels extensively, hooks up across California, the National, Europe and North Africa.

Control freak, will block snd ghost women when he doesn’t get his way or when someone calls him on his bs. Preys on vulnerable women, specially divorced, older, disabled or naive.

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First Name: Liar
Middle Name: and
Last Name: Cheater
Category: Liar


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