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Krystal Manherz Cheaters

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I am a restaurant owner on Long Island, a close friend of mine asked if I could help her sister who worked at a casino in Canada, she was just fired for having an affair with a manager that was married, shortly after that she was investigated for being an unfit mother. I offered her a job and she accepted. It cost me 4,000.00 to move her to Long Island, I rented her a house for 7,500.00 per month, I had to pay one month in advance and two months security. Krystal complained that she needed a car so I leased her a new Range Rover, she also said she needed two weeks to get acclimated to the area.After two weeks at the new house she fought with the landlady and wanted to move out so I rented her another house with same conditions and same outlay of rent. Her first day at work she had to be taken home at 1PM as she was drunk and couldn’t stand up. The next day I received a call from my son saying she was causing trouble among the help and asking a lot of personal questions about me. I talked to her on the phone and asked what was going on, she told me she couldn’t work for me and walked out. I had to get the police to get the car back. I spent over 50,000.00 to try to give her a new lease on life however I didn’t realize she was only looking for a sugar daddy. A warning to all you guys that meet her and think you found a princess when in fact you have come in contact with a true Psycho.

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First Name: Krystal
Middle Name:
Last Name: Manherz
Category: Cheaters


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