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Kimber Lynea Veasey-Carroll, Elkton, Maryland Liar

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Date: 8:15 pm

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Kimber Veasey is a 29 year old wigger mudshark from Elkton, Maryland. Kimber’s coal burning and lies cost her grandparents lives. Kimber’s former pet buck/ex husband/baby daddy, Derrick Carroll robbed and murdered Kimber’s grandparents. Kimber had married this violent predator, Derrick Carroll behind her family’s back, years ago.

Kimber Lynea Veasey is a typical white trash woman from the Elkton/North East area. All the local girls there sport tats, piercings, criminal records, and half breed kids. These sprogs are the latest accessory items to these worthless single moms.

This Kimber Veasey woman is bad news who gets into the scene of crime, drugs and bedding the beast! Stay away from this good-for-nothing, no-hoper!

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Cheater Details

First Name: Kimber
Middle Name: Lynea
Last Name: Veasey-Carroll, Elkton, Maryland
Category: Liar


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