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Kevin Tishler, Long Beach, California Cheaters

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Them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may FEAR. (1-Timothy 5:20). These things speak, exhort, rebuke with all authority. Let no man despise thee. (Titus 2:15) I’m here to tell my story of Kevin I have begged him many times since 2010 to stop his sinful lifestyle but to no avail-he continues with no shame or remorse for what he has done to me and to our daughter-besides dis honoring me and my family he also dishonored his family and his profession, Kevin the person that I know off by his words and actions is the one Ill be here to rebuke him and to let everyone know of his secrets lifestyle with me and in LA, because he has several lifestyles that I know off-my daughter and I was forced to be part of it and together were both emotionally abused and neglected by him-specially our daughter. As off today our daughter hasn’t seen Kevin since 7/5/14 and before this, it was 7/13. He has never spend Christmas with her miss 3 birthdays and the only holidays he attended with our family is thanksgiving 2011 just because we were buying a house together and he came to us after being with the other woman that he forced us to be part in 8/10. And besides this other woman-The Kevin I know is into multi s*x partner-not my words but from witnesses that known him before I even meet him back in 4/04. He lies like there’s no tomorrow and even if his caught he will continue to lie until you finally just let him think that you believe his lies. He has zero of anything honorable, a huge FAKE of a person if I ever saw one. I have never in countered a person as evil and a monster like him. Don’t get me wrong…I have given my love to him in 2010…because of our daughter sake, specially after he abandoned us when I was 3 months pregnant since then he comes in go into our life without any guilty conscience of what his doing to us. To him, either accept his lifestyle the way it is, or join himself so-our life has been a roller coasters since 8/10 when I took him back not knowing that he didn’t have any plan to be committed and brought this woman he meet-when he abandoned us or our daughter again, because I didn’t go back to him also because I sent the birth announcement of our daughter to his parents so-he was very angry at that-specially. He told me that he has no love for our daughter so, I should give her up for adoption and not be selfish anymore. And that, his going to start over and I should also, that was his parting goodbyes in 2/10. To be continued

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First Name: Kevin
Middle Name: Tishler,
Last Name: Long Beach, California
Category: Cheaters


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