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Kevin Luke DeadBeat

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Kevin Luke — Ellenton, Florida ~

Kevin Luke — Ellenton, Florida. Hey De, Kevin Charles Luke, age 57 born 4/19/63 and resides in a trailer at 3309 Denise Dr in Ellenton FL was convicted of 6 counts of robbery in Ellenton Florida. He was also convicted of several counts of domestic Violence in Ellenton Fl. This dirt bag started very early physically beating and mentally abusing his significant others and all three of his wives This goes all the way back to high school. His first wife from Indiana he beat so bad she was hospitalized for several weeks. He even held a gun to her head and rapped her forcing himself on her and threatened her life. De he also put his pre teen son in the hospital by beating him so bad he broke several of his ribs! On another occasion he pointed a gun at his first wife while she was running from Kevin Luke with he child in her arms and he threatened to shoot them both. She was so terrified she left him and went into hiding for several years. All this can be found in public court records. His second wife (a mail order bride from Russia – because he is so pathetic he can not get a woman any other way) was also beaten and mentally abused so bad that she secretly booked a ticket back to Russia while he was out of town and ran from him, divorcing him from Russia. Kevin Luke’s third wife was also beaten and many times and continually mentally abused by Kevin. He also cheated on her multiple times with prostitutes bringing home sexually transmitted disease —- ewww he’s so disgusting! He was arrested for beating her and has an injunction for domestic violence against him. He also has another injunction against him from a former neighbor for stalking and harassment. This si what this coward does…… He beats woman and children and then he harasses others and stalks them because he is nothing but a pathetic coward!!!

Kevin Luke’s big claim to fame is that he is a retired colonel from the Army. All he truly is and ever was is coward and an a*s kisser! Having spoken to several people he served with in the military that have all confirmed his being a coward.

Kevin Luke is a true narcissistic sociopath and psychopath and pathological liar. If his lips are moving he I talking about him self and how great he is and every single word is a lie! He even lies on his dating profiles (hes on ever dating site there is) saying he is 47!!! Can you believe that….he’s 57!!! He is so in love with himself and so fake he had plastic surgery on his fat face!!! He is a true manipulator who will buy woman gifts and take them to fancy dinners to hide who he really is. He even takes classes on how to fool and pick up woman and make them think he is great.

This sick b*****d trolls the Internet for weak desperate woman and woman from other countries that he can fool into thinking he is great and wonderful. This is the furthest thing from the truth. Ladies don’t believe a word he says and don’t be fooled by this charlatan. He is an evil cold hearted piece of c**p! He is well spoken and because he is such a skilled manipulator and true narcissist his lies seem very believable.

All of this can be verified on public records – do your background search and be careful of this psychopathic piece of c**p. He is not a man he’s a coward who beat woman and children and harasses and lies about others in an effort to try to make himself look good

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First Name: Kevin
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Last Name: Luke
Category: DeadBeat


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