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Keith La Gasa, Puyallup, Washington Cheaters

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Date: 7:56 pm

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When I met this man I fell in love completely…..Being with him was everything I could of ever dreamed of and more….I was so happy. I felt it was a dream come true and that there was nothing me and him could accomplish together…..well my world crumbled in the worse way….nothing was real…I found out from day one that he was hiding having a girlfriend….he has cheated on me from the start….he is incapable of telling the truth! He sees how bad this has all hurt me and he makes no effort to stop….oh sure he says he will, he even begs me not to leave him and tells me things like he has never been in love with someone like he is in love with me….he is always on the internet….he is a member of every s*x site that he can possibly join, I guess if I had to I could over look that, because its just the internet rights? Oh no, he is only talking to locals and is actively trying to meet up with them…..the worse part about it is I have stood by him because he says he has a problem and showed him nothing but love and not only I has he made no effort to stop…he is doing it more and he makes every effort into lying and sneaking and trying to cover it up….and the worse part about it is he sees how bad it has hurts me and that it consumes my every thought and he is just plain verbally abrasive and recently got physically abrasive again…we have been together 5 years and I’ve done nothing but stand by him while he makes the choice to keep betraying me….so why hasn’t he cut me loose, why did he bring me in his life anyway? Why does he tell me he loves me when he tell other people he cant stand me…..why when I’m right next to him will he reject me and go in the bathroom to master bate with someone on webcam….it seems like he gets some kind of pleasure out if my pain and my mind up so bad especially after you seen some of these s***s and now he would rather try to hook up with a guy behind my back… can anyone be so cruel?

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First Name: Keith
Middle Name: La
Last Name: Gasa, Puyallup, Washington
Category: Cheaters


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