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Jupiter / Stuart, FL Podiatrist/Surgeon/Scumbag Cheaters

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Dr. Jay S. Weingarten, DPM
With offices in Jupiter and Stuart, Florida

My ex-wife asked me for a divorce in May 2020.
She went crazy during COVID-19. She also needed psychological & marital help
With in 4 hours of receiving our “get” (Jewish divorce) to which is so painful and heart wrenching. I would only wish it on this low life piece of sh*t. My Ex (Jacqueline) had her first date with him.

Now at the time we are not divorced in the state of Florida
At the time I was still in love with her and wanted her back. I had no idea what kind of a low life w***e I was married to. She fu*ked a couple of ex-boyfriends in London and New York behind my back. But for the sake of my children I kept my marriage together for 19 1/2 years.

I found his number through my Verizon bill from her phone and called him crying. I said please stay away from my family so I can at least get my daughters back. I beg him. He refused. I said there are 3.5 billion women on this planet leave this one alone. He still refused.
I told him he is unethical and has no morals.
This is a Doctor that to a Hippocratic oath to
DO NO HARM. That applies to patients and other’s on this planet knowingly an willingly.

One would figure, he already has a G-D complex being a doctor. But everyone knows surgeons fu*k every female they can get in every hospital they have tenure in.
All he has done is lie constantly to my ex, and she is too blind to see it. He claims he went to yeshiva (Jewish school) but didn’t know what a “get” is. He and his ex got divorced because they “grew apart”. Bullsh*t. That’s why she moved into another bedroom for a year in his house in Tequesta. Oh incase you were wondering. She is a nurse.
His ex Lisa (mother of the year) abandon her two sons and left them with him! Not even his biological children! And the cheap b*****d didn’t even adopt them.
Women abandon their children for two reasons:
Wacked out of their mind on drugs or
Abuse. They would leave their sons because they know the abuser would not hurt them.
Her oldest son had 7 trips to rehab and overdosed on heroin at 21 years old. Probably to get away from Jay. Fucki*g shame.
Podiatrists have the highest amount of self-inflicted wounds in the medical profession.
They know what drugs can do and how to get help. If a drug addict goes from rehab back to his abuser, guess what will happen. Back to rehab..

I told him I will live one more day than him just to p**s on his grave.
I from Boston. Where if you steal a mans wife someone might sneak behind you with a baseball bat, crack your skull open and watch you bleed out on the side walk.
The moral of the story.
Don’t fu*k with a man’s family. Payback is a b***h.
Please forward this to all of your friends if you live in Palm Beach and Martin County Florida.
Forget about feet. I wouldn’t trust Dr. Jay Weingarten to clean a bed pan. He might try to fuc*k it.

The next posting is going to be about her.

But if you have a chance, please ask Dr. Weingarten how much pleasure he gets stealing other men’s married wives. He couldn’t care less. Married, single, divorced, blind, crippled or crazy.
He will still shtup them. Even after being warned by the husband how unethical and immoral it is.
He couldn’t care less. So, watch your wives when they go to get their ingrown toe nails cut back.
Or if you want to get rid of you wife, send them to the good doctor.
He can occupy their time for at least 10 minutes. I believe the expression is “two pump chump”?

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First Name: Jupiter
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Last Name: Stuart, FL Podiatrist/Surgeon/Scumbag
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