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Jack Parks, Georgia – Cheater Cheaters

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Hi, my name is Jaye Parks, Jack Lamar Parks, Jack Parks, Jack P., Jaye P., J.P., Jacque Parks, Danny Smith, Tony Tyson and Chad Graham. I’m a two-time convicted felon. I’m currently on parole in Georgia. My parole ends November 2017. I hope my career criminal history won’t be a problem for us to get to know each other. My specialities are conning you, telling you lies, manipulating you and persuading you to trust me. The truth is I’m a psychopath and sociopath. I love pretending that I know things about computers so you will give me access to your laptops or PCs and cell phones. Once I have access, I will download your personal and business information and make notes of your email passwords so I can monitor your email to know if I’m about to be busted or not. Once you have busted me, I then turn against you by trying to convince you that you’re the one that’s crazy. I love telling you the story of my bastardly childhood in order to gain your trust. I love convincing you that I’m an investor, a real estate agent, a personal driver for executives and CEOs and that I have two college degrees in business. My rare talent is learning what it is you need in your life so I can then use that knowledge to my advantage. If you have low self-esteem, I’ll convince you that you’re beautiful. If you’re already in a relationship, I’ll convince you that your man is no good and you need to be with me. If you have friends who can see past my bullshit, I’ll convince you to end your friendship with them and only talk to me. If you have children, I’ll play daddy to your children and claim them as my own. My ultimate goal is to gain access to your finances. It’s not necessary for you to have lots of money to gain my attention. All you need is some money because any money you have is more than what I have because I don’t have a job, verifiable or gainful employment. My job is stalking you by surfing the internet, hitting the clubs, eating at expensive restaurants and paying for the meals with another woman’s credit or bank card, walking the mall, or being any place where you are. I’m an equal opportunity hustler when it comes to women. I don’t care if you’re fat, tall, short, skin, ugly, cute, pretty, beautiful or toothless. If you’re a woman then I’m interested in you. I’m also a freak and I’m down for whatever you want me to be down for. I’m open for business 24/7/365 so contact me anytime. It will be my pleasure to serve you. I should tell you now that I’m married but that’s not a problem for me since I’m looking for wife No. 4. Call me, text me or email me. If we connect and I’m sure we will, you could be lucky wife No. 4.

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First Name: Jack
Middle Name: Parks,
Last Name: Georgia – Cheater
Category: Cheaters


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