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George and Donald Norcross Cyber Criminals Cheaters

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The USA is under attack from within. George Norcross and his congressman brother Donald
Norcross have hijacked our personal information and sold it to foreign and disinformation news sites that they created.
Norcross breached our national security

These men are dangerous to democracy and injustice and they must be exposed and stopped

George norcross and his brother congressman Donald norcross Hacked a a sold out America to social media disinformation

They hide In the shadows and get information fro
Hired hackers they use it against their opponents
Norcross dumped billions into social media Google; facebook; Twitter; Amazon;; Courier Post and Gannett. He killed Lewis Katz for outbidding him for the inquire. His daughter Lexie norcross worked for Philly inquire and redirected websites to trashy clickbait. These people are dangerous and diabolical

Norcross sold America out to China

This is very real and very serious. George E. Norcross and his brother Congressman Donald Norcross have compromised America to foreign cyber criminals in China, India, Africa,
Norway and around the glob. Norcross is partners in a cyber security company CSC Global. He sat in the board for the courier post aka gannett and has paid off editor Jim Walsh working for him directly writing negative manufactured stories used to harm those Norcross seeks to punish.

Norcross, Senator Cory Booker and former Governor Christie have teamed up and met with Mark Zuckenberg from facebook who invested over $100 million for schools on Newars, but the money never went to the schools, it went into training and paying web developers in the US and abroad to interfere in hacking into personal emails, websites and information of those Norcross wanted to defame and destroy with his media editors disinformation stories.

These stories had false allegations with unsigned signatures on complaints and corrupt
Cops who never investigated by automatically charging innocent people with crimes and making false arrest at their home and state jobs that were out of district. They paid police to make false arrest and feed to his paid off media editors who created manufactured stories of the orchestrated arrests

He had the local arrest automatically sent to the prosecutors office in Camden county and used the arrest and the false charges of 4th degree stalking mentioned in the story. It becomes the worse nightmare imaginable for the innocent victim.

Norcross spread the disinformation to other news organizations and had trolls create websites and
Link these. Negative stories to pornographic sites inside the USA and abroad. He set up tech crunch sites and privacy sites to protect his brand but he remains in the shadows.

He had AOL Patch Twitter create rich snippets and outdated stories with the logo of patch and images used to keep the story relevant on google and other search engines.

Norcross brother who serves in Congress has military intel and other government organizations in the NSA and homeland security helping as he illegally gets personal and private information on people. Norcross is in business with Michael Chertoff and Michael Hayden at Delta risk LlC. These three men Serve on the board

Antitrust Action

They are in concert with google, Facebook, twitter, Amazon, wordstream, gannett, courier post, AOL Patch;; advance media, CSC global;; frompo and other tech crunch based sites

It is criminal what is being down. Norcross is able to have google and thes other social media sites manipulate algorithm by hacking into personal
Accounts and keeping stories he wants to keep relevant on google.

This is a democracy nightmare and he is getting away with it because no one suspects.

If you google George Norcross for the last 24 hours or for the week, he comes up unmentioned or
Pristine. If you google his brother Donald norcross, same thing.

Norcross has a daughter who is involved name Lexie. After norcross lost the bid for the inquire she was let go from Philly inquire but prior to that, she was using clickbait which is what google and these other websites mentioned in this email are doing to harm innocent people. Below is a story about what she did while at Philadelphia inquiry

Norcross family used their influence to abuse al
Algorithm by hijacking with clickbait and redirects

How they use clickbait for redirects

Norcross’ daughter out at; former co-owner will assist Daily News& Inky

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First Name: George
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Last Name: Donald Norcross Cyber Criminals
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