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Gator Boy Paul Bedard Worst of the Worst Cheaters

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Paul Bedard, 53, best known for his role on Animal Planets reality series Gator Boys is the worlds worst boyfriend. We were together in a committed relationship throughout my pregnancy and for the first couple years of my sons life. My son is not his baby and he knew that going into the relationship. It became increasingly obvious after my son was born Paul was obsessed with my son. He took care of all the bills as I finished up my education. I was completely financially dependent on Paul. One day he comes home to tell me my son and I have to move out because he was going to move the girl he’d been cheating on me with into the house. Into our house! I had no money and only 30 days to find a place to go. I was forced to leave Florida and moved in with mother and her husband in California. Paul decided after 6 months he missed my son so he offered to get my son and I a house in Florida so we could be closer to him. I needed to get back to school, having no choice I agreed. He picked the city I lived in and the house. He wanted me a good distance from him and his new girlfriend who was 20 years younger than him. The hits just kept on coming. I finally got out from under him when I met my husband but then Paul started stalking my son and I. I was forced to file four domestic violence abuse claims over a period of a year. I regret ever meeting or daring him. Paul treats every girl he dates like c**p. He’s good for a few months then he gets bored.

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First Name: Gator
Middle Name: Boy
Last Name: Paul Bedard Worst of the Worst
Category: Cheaters


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