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Francis Zambito, Shiloh, Illinois Cheaters

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Date: 10:04 pm

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I will tell you why I believe this man to be a psycho and you can determine for yourself if you want to date him.

1. While married I was subjected to verbal, emotional and physical abuse. When I filed police reports, he would stalk, harass and threaten me into dropping the charges. When I did not, he kidnapped our daughter and said I would NEVER see her again if I did not drop the charges. Fortunately the police recovered her and he went to jail for spousal battery, threatening and intimidating a witness and to a lesser charge of violating a custody order (instead of kidnapping).
2. I have had to get multiple restraining orders against him and will probably have to get another one against him. Years ago I moved from California and let the restraining order against him expire. He followed me out to Illinois – for 2 years things were quiet until 2 weeks ago when he attacked his line-in girlfriend. Our daughter was present at the residence when this occurred. He is now trying to blame our daughter for the violence against his girlfriend. His girlfriend has now forgiven him and in spite of the fact that she has a restraining order against him, has allowed him to move back in. I have told him he is not going to have visitation with the kids because I left his a*s because of his violent nature – why would I let him subject my kids to this? So now he is harassing me and our daughter. He has stated that if I do not let him see our youngest son, he and his girlfriend will both testify and say that our daughter beat her up. Keep in mind that this woman is easily 80 to 100 lbs heavier than my daughter and the police noted that there was blood on his hands only.
3. He gave our daughter a used can for her birthday. Now that she has tried to distance herself from him, he has reported to the police department that she stole his car. It obviously was NEVER stolen and he knew at all times relevant where the vehicle was located.
4. He was once known to be a heavy drinker and a heavy methamphetamine user and more likely than not, he probably still is.
5. He is also bi-polar/manic depressive and is un-medicated – he self-medicates with drugs and alcohol.

So if you are looking for a guy who:

• Beats on women
• Lies,
• Cheats
• steals,
• Bullies others into getting his way
• Helps himself to your belongings and the cash in your purse
• Destroys your consumer credit rating
• Destroys your personal property, and
• Threatens to harm the people you love

Then this is the man for you!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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First Name: Francis
Middle Name: Zambito,
Last Name: Shiloh, Illinois
Category: Cheaters


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