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Facebook gave million to NJ congressman and Senator Cheaters

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Date: 8:50 pm

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Beware of certain congress members and senators from NJ. They are in bed with Facebooks Mark Zuckenberg.and many other online social media sites that have been paid off to target and defame. Why did Zuckenberg really give NJ $100 million. What were they using it to teach certain kids to do. Hack???

Norcross wants his brother Congressman Donald Norcross to be head of Congress. This could explain trump having Apple subpoenaed
Trump and norcross have a close relationship. Norcross family plays both sides and confuse voters.
Facebook accounts in NJ have mysteriously been hijacked and emails associated with them have been changed. People can not access their accounts because passwords were changed.
There is a serious targeting individuals who the machine wants to destroy on social media. He has a vast number of paid of sites assisting him and hired hackers to code and position negative story telling designed by NJhiredGuns. It’s a real mess and serious cyber crimes are being committed. Zuckenberg plays a big part in NJ.Cyber attacks and so does congressman norcross

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First Name: Facebook
Middle Name: gave
Last Name: million to NJ congressman and Senator
Category: Cheaters


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