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EXPOSED!!! Racist Dea Tosku is an escort in Toronto Windsor Ontario Canada TTC video Liar

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Date: 7:28 pm

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Oooh yaasss, this is the now infamous racist bigot Dea Tosku (aka Daia Tosku) in Toronto who was airing her hate-filled racist tirades at racial minorities on the TTC subway. Dea Tosku‘s exact words were, “Get the f*k out N*****s, I hate fuking Muslims! This is a Catholic Fuking Temple”. The video footage are all over the internet on YouTube, Instagram (6ixxbuzztv) an on many other websites. LMAO! But there is a lot more to Dea Tosku than her racist invective captured on camera. Dea Tosku is a floozy and she has been an floozy in the Toronto and Windsor area for a long-time now. Dea Tosku has been a “Sugar Baby” floozy charging money to old married men for s*x by placing ads on Backpage, Seeking Arrangements and other sites and apps, but it all took a turn for the worst when Dea Tosku got fired from her jobs. Dea Tosku was terminated from her employment at Stuart Weitzman after she threatned to expose an older married male manager who she was sleeping with in exchage for money and gifts. Dea Tosku was also fired from her job at Pandora after she had multiple sexual encounters with an older married man trying to extort him for money if he didn’t pay for more for the s*x sessions and she needed money to pay for a b**b job and a nose job. Dea Tosku be tellin’ people she 23 years old… but on the real yo, she’s 33 years old… she old AF fr! Dea Tosku has also worked for several Toronto area floozy agencies but was let-go after she refused to engage in intimate encounters with black and Muslim men. This be hella strange cuz my boy paid $2K for a pop with Dea Tosku n’ he be sayin’ her pu55y and booty hole be hella loose. no fun, no tightness. Dea Tosku be puttin’ up fake photo-shopped pictures (contouring her big a*s huge nose, pimples, small b***s) misleading Sugar Daddy out to smash her. Dea Tosku was a student at the University of Windsor but she was expelled for bad grades, now she sayin’ to people she is a student at UofT but there is no record of Dea Tosku at the University of Toronto. Dea Tosku is a lowkey floozy who always be hustlin’ for money hangin out in the King St West area lookin’ for old grandpa dudes to get d1cked by, lol. According to her friend from high-school, Dea Tosku lost her virginity to a black dude in his 50s (her neighbour) who got her lots of drugs, alcohol, jewellery, her first cell phone and she gave lots of s*x to this married man with kids her age, he be old enough to be her Albanian father! Prolly this is why she be hatin’ on blacks and moslems?! Finally, this DRD infected DRD positive ho Dea Tosku is now bein’ exposed for the culture vulture racist hata she be! Dea Tosku he a s*x-trade worker all her life and she belongs to the streets!

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First Name: EXPOSED!!!
Middle Name: Racist
Last Name: Dea Tosku is an escort in Toronto Windsor Ontario Canada TTC video
Category: Liar


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