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Ellen Nicolette, Illion, New York Cheaters

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Date: 6:52 pm

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This woman is the absolute scum of the earth. My husband met her at work, and had a one night stand with this trash bag. My husband and I had a very difficult time staying together in the beginning. I was 17 years old (the legal age of consent in our state), and he was 32. We started dating, and feel hard and fast. My mother didn’t mind the relationship, mostly because she didn’t know him well yet, and I was legal anyway. However, when she found out we were sleeping together, things changed. She began putting me through h**l. We kept our relationship alive. We decided to start a family, and began trying to conceive. A few days later, my mother told me she was getting us family counseling (something I had begged for). So I went with her. She lied. She had brought me to PINS. They packed me up, and sent me away to a respite house that was filthy and abusive. I was able to get ahold of my husband (then, fiance) to tell him what happened. I took a pregnancy test while in the home. It was positive. I told him, and he was ecstatic. So happy! I got out of the home after a few weeks. When I got it, I told my mom I was pregnant, and she kicked me out. So I called him, and he told me to see him at his work to get his apartment key. I immediately moved in. Everything was absolute heaven. For a few weeks. He had gone down to the corner store, and left his phone with me. A text message popped up. I opened it, and it said “i was pregnant. Just thought you should know.” So I pretended to be him to get more information out of her. I wrote back “Go advise someone you actually has s*x with”. She responded ” So you’re denying we had s*x? ” then she said her body doesn’t hold babies, and she would probably miscarry anyway. I confronted him, and he denied it. Swore she was crazy, and he never touched her. After hours of showing him proof, he admitted it. He was crying, and begging me not to leave. He told me how it was just one. She had come over giving him a sob story about how her boyfriend was cheating, and she needed to find him. So, like an idiot, he went with her. They conveniently “couldn’t find him”, so they went back to his apartment, and had a few drinks while her newborn baby was home with her mother. They got drink, and has s*x on the living room floor while I was in Respite. He told me it meant nothing, and she was disgusting, and smelled. He said he was. in turmoil over me being sent away, and was going to use this to get me to break up with him so i wouldn’t be sent away again. But i moved in before he could confess. I took his phone, and wrote her a nasty message. She responded with “Yeah, I knew about you you stupid c**t! We’re having a baby together now, so mind your own business! I don’t want him anyway. Just doing the responsible thing. He’ll always come running back to this p**sy. Stupid b****, I hope your baby dies!” Yes. A woman who has a child, wished infant kids in a teenager. What. A. Scumbag. So, he told her he would be there for the baby, but he wasn’t leaving me. She flipped out. She said “you’re just a deadbeat dad! In just gonna have an abortion then!” As you could probably guess, she was never actually pregnant. She was just trying to ruin a home because her kids father left her scumbag, cheating a*s. This was 4 1/2 years ago. I’m still not completely healed, but we get better and better everyday. We finally got married in September, after having 3 more kids together. I’m now 22, and she is still sleeping around. Plus side? She gained about 300 lbs. I have put my husband through h**l over this. He hates her, but takes complete responsibility for that night, and wishes everyday it never happened. Through hard work, and a lot of tears, he has shown me that he can be trusted. He never cheated before, or since that one time. Being a very handsome man, he has women constantly hitting on him, but always tells them he’s married, and not interested. He now has a good relationship with my mother, and at this time, we have never been happier or healthier as a couple. I’m glad I stayed. He thanks me everyday for not leaving, and knows very well that I will leave without a second thought if it ever happens again. He is a wonderful father and husband, and we have never been more in love. We were not her first, or last victims. Someone else made a post about her on Topic. Apparently she’s still after married men,(removed)! So, if you live in the valley, keep your men away from this viral swamp pit.

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First Name: Ellen
Middle Name: Nicolette,
Last Name: Illion, New York
Category: Cheaters


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