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Darren deeds Chapman Lexington KY Predators and Perverts

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Date: 5:50 pm

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Uses chats and phone calls under a deceptive premise for personal sexual pleasure. Has also done this with crisis and suicide lines. He was caught but was not punished and it wasn’t reported to the police. Supposed to be in therapy. Pathways in Ashland Kentucky and four rivers or three rivers facility in Paducah would be interested to know that he is not in therapy and up to the same deviancy. Is also a person attracted to young teens although he doesn’t act on this. But who knows what he does on his phone or computer. I can only do so much. Calling the places mentioned as well as the police my help 2 see that he is held accountable. Or at least monitor

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First Name: Darren
Middle Name: deeds
Last Name: Chapman Lexington KY
Category: Predators and Perverts


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