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Darren Ambler- Cheater- Liar- STD Carrier- Coward- Narcissist- Abusive- Cherry Hill- NJ: STDs and Infections

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Date: 10:50 pm

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I was used and abused by someone whom turned out to be a Sociopath- Pathological Liar- Sexually Obsessed- Filthy minded- Self Centered- Drug Addict turned Sexual Addict and pervert. Darren Ambler stalked me on a dting web-site just like he stalked and secured all of his other sexual prey. Except for the Prostitutes, Darren may have simply secured their services by way of mouth. The first time I met this Vulgar Idiot he forced S*x and Oral S*x upon me. I was lonely and vulnerable at this point in my life. Darren Ambler the ruthless Con-Artist took full advantage.
Darren Ambler is a ruthless- Perverted Over Sexed PIG with no Morals- Manners- Social Grace- Conception of Right Vs Wrong and he is one of the most insecure and self-centered men I ever met. His whole life was about -ME -ME-ME and more ME and S*X S*X S*X and Oral S*x and P*********y. Darren was obsessed with dirty s*x and P*********y. I later learned Darren Ambler viewed P***o regularly on the Internet in between Dating and S*x Web-sites.
Darren used me and other females to satisfy his selfish and lustful sick desires. Darren’s wife took off I found out. No wonder who could stand being around a BIG Dork- Loser- Homely S*x Predator with Horrid Breath?
Darren would use anyone to get what he wants. Darren has no dignity- morals- self-respect and hi has Zero Self esteem. No wonder all he has to do is look in the mirror. On a scale of 1 thru 10- Darren Ambler Ranks a MINUS (-) 50. Pretty bad. He has no Looks- Personality- his Body looks like a scrawny stick with no muscle tone. Darren has no attractive or redeeming feature. Possibly facial reconstruction may help but maybe not. He needs a Miracle.
Darren Ambler was physically and verbally abusive. He was always nervous about anyone finding out about our sexual based relationship. He lives a “Double Life” and he is a Pathological Liar and Sociopath. Darren cheated on me with Prostitutes and other Unsavory females. Darren is so sick and perverted he even forced a 69 year old senior citizen into a sexual relationship. What a sick creep. Drren is 41 years old why he is s******g an old women. Everyone knows Darren is desperate and mentally deranged. “Beggers can’t be Choosers”!
Darren attempted to control weak and vulnerable females through sexual domination. Darren is horrible in the bedroom. He has a wee wee micro sized like an infant. Darren Ambler is plain weird with no appeal and a big LOSER. His entire life is a LIE and a Fantasy. He can NEVER be trusted.
I warn other women- PLEASE be cautious if Darren Ambler solicits you for S*X on line or in Person ignore him and/or call POLICE if he Stalks you. He is a pervert and stalker. This Homely Dork gave me STD’s through his LIES and Infidelities. One day this S*x maniac will pay for what he did to me and others. I have every right to tell the TRUTH about what this S*x Psycho Liar did to me. That was the worst experience of my LIFE. BEWARE.
Darren Ambler lives at 12 Westbury Drive in Cherry Hill- New Jersey. The Creep works at Express RX (Medco) in Florence TWP NJ: As far as I know Darren Ambler is a Pharmacist. Protect yourself from this No good Lying S*x Predator. If you invite him into your life you will regret it. You may even suffer bad health like I have. He is a true low life slime bucket/.

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Cheater Details

First Name: Darren
Middle Name: Ambler-
Last Name: Cheater- Liar- STD Carrier- Coward- Narcissist- Abusive- Cherry Hill- NJ:
Category: STDs and Infections

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  1. Posted By: Valiene
    Date: October 25, 2018 2:40 pm

    Sounds like a complete self centered monster. He will get what he deserves one day.

  2. Posted By: Rushie Ditmeyer
    Date: November 7, 2018 1:48 pm

    Hello Darren Ambler.

    Your games are “DONE”. Forget Megan Bentzley. Think about how many other women you seduced because your a mentally deranged s*x addicted sociopath. What normal healthy minded 40 year old man has s*x with women in their 60’s? Deranged sick men with sick fetishes. What about Angela and all the others?
    Unfortunately- Darren Ambler is once again attempting to blame his sociopath s*x addiction all on Megan. Megan was just one of many females Darren seduced to satisfy his addiction. We are not surprised Darren is doing this.
    Megan ran a “Meet Up”- “Prostitution” business and Darren was a full participant. Darren seduced Megan like all the rest, supplied her with drugs and used her until he got tired of her.
    Darren “Frog Face” Ambler has a known history of seducing females of all ages and all situations. Divorced- Married- Separated- single. He does not discriminate. He feels a screw is a screw. Darren damaged his own reputation. It does not matter what Darren Amber and his demented brain thinks.
    He will have to answer to a higher authority. Prostitution is ILLEGAL. Darren is equal to a male Prostitute (an UGLY one at that): Please ladies use Caution. If he solicits you for s*x or tells you he has drugs ignore him and call authorities.
    Believe me you will know that face when you see it. Darren must have been stalking prey the day Looks and common sense was handed out. Because he sure did miss the boat on that one.

  3. Posted By: Brand-X
    Date: November 27, 2018 10:54 pm

    You tell him Rushie! It sounds like this Darren is having a serious meltdown. All his past behavior and mistreatment of others is coming back to haunt him and it should. I hope and pray he gets convicted. Darren is no victim but the women he raped and threatened into having s*x with him are the true victims no doubt. My step dad is a plastic surgeon. When Darren gets out of jail my poppy will do his face and wee transplant. look us up. Thankx .

  4. Posted By: Truth_Justice
    Date: January 17, 2019 12:29 am

    Were not supposed to think the anonymous poster from Oct 28th is not Darren Ambler. Ha ha what a joke! Like Darren- a Big joke and a fool! Darren grow up. Be this BIG man you try to prove you are and you failed miserably. You can never be a man. You are an ugly- liar – wimp with no class or self-respect. What about the rest of us you abused. Like Angela Parsons- Natalie- etc and the many others. You are a liar. Liars burn in h**l.

  5. Posted By: Final- Judgement
    Date: January 24, 2019 5:37 pm

    We are approaching the second coming! I am sure this s*x predator has no belief in G*D/ He better get ready because he will burn for all ETERNITY!

  6. Posted By: Courtney F.
    Date: February 12, 2019 12:27 am

    I agree 110+% or more. It is so obvious this Narcissist Sociopath Darren Ambler is evading the real issues and trying to blame his out of control and vulgar sexual activities on this one person Megan. In fact- proof appears to exist that this Darren is seriously screwed up in the head- maybe brain damaged. Anyway- proof exists that he did in fact have several (multiple) sexual affairs with various women- mainly hookers. Point being- Darren is trying to make the public believe that this Megan is the only person he had s*x with which we know is an absolute LIE! Another web site listed at least 4 or 5 women Darren banged over a short period of time. YES- he is a no good cheater- liar- slime- deranged diseased carrying S*x Predator with a drug problem. Now that we have that cleared up. We (concerned citizens) wish that Darren would just go away and leave the female population and everyone else alone. We want no s*x predators or menace to society around at all. Maybe he will pack up and move away soon.

  7. Posted By: Truth-Hurts
    Date: March 29, 2019 10:57 am

    ABSOLUTELY -Darren Ambler is a true and Bonified SCCIOPATH and S*X Addict- Predator- a Dangerous one because he has ABSOLUTELY NO ‘CONSCIENCE”. Of course- Darren feels very at ease shooting his lying mouth off on line. Because- he is a COWARD that will NEVER agree to discuss anything face to face. Because when you discuss issues face to face with someone it can back them into a corner and they can be proven a LIAR. That is why Darren Ambler’s best friend is the INTERNET. He is a LOSER!

    YES it is 200% TRUE, Darren has slept with numerous women for S*X Fulfillment ONLY. Most men his age are Married- family men that have the luxury of going home at night eating dinner with their family and joking with the children- helping them with their Homework etc…………That is Normalcy. What is Darren Ambler’s normal- being alone- lying scheming- no family unit. I heard his former wife or ex wife can not stand him-probably never could. What does Darren go home to each night? NOTHING! Unless the Hookers and other sexual partners come to his home. That is what life is all about to Darren. Which proves he is a sick guy! he even looks demented. Those bugged out eyes and he has an odd twitch – he moves his eyes up and down in a perverse almost perverted motion. VERY UNATTRACTIVE.


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