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Congress is not as clueless about Facebook as it seems Cheaters

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Elected officials are working with Facebook and other social media sites; Google; Gannett etc. to Intentionally persecute slander and defame candidates and other former elected officials with manufactured stories.

USA refuses to regulate social media NJ political machine and his spin master Steve A use it as a great campaign weapon.

They don’t want to regulate

This is why NJ has the same elected people win and remain in office.

Give a fool an envelope of cash and a good job to manufacture an allegation. Pay off law enforcement to illegally intervene and reward them with a kickback.

Get our friend buddy and corrupt court system in nj to go along with the false allegation and leak it to our paid off editors at Gannett Patch the globe etc. then pay our trolls with the money mark zuckenverg gave us for Newark schools to create images of candidates on kiddie pin sites

Contact our spin master Steve who works with Stone and together they will destroy a person with our Bull S**t Lies.

The shadowed data broker will sell the targets personal emails and other information he’s had hacked and intruded illegally

It will become a world wide story. We will have google page park the stories to to top of google with keywords and meta data link schemes.

We will never get caught because America politics created social media as a weapon against our own people. Congress and Senate control the internet

Mark Zuckenberg; Google; are our Enablers and they will be taken care of by Congress and senate in NJ and abroad

It will be the new democracy.

It’s the way of holding people down and keeping the NJ political Boss in Control

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Last Name: not as clueless about Facebook as it seems
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