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Cheatland Was Created For The Community!

LATEST NEWS: Criminals are stealing posts from and posting them on their cheap copycat sites in order to charge for removals!  Worse, they’re contacting individuals and charging to remove malicious posts. The people who make the posts are also contacting those posted and extorting large amounts of money to take the posts down. We’re seeing the same posts resurface, with more payment expected, by the poster. They want to charge another fee to take down the same complaints again and again. This practice has to stop and it will. Unfortunately, to do this, we have to take control and prevent the poster from being able to remove their own posts. This sucks but we have to prevent abuse and not let someone make fake reports and then extort money for the removal. For this reason, we can no longer allow individuals to edit, modify or delete  their own posts. Once a post is made it is up for good.

Do you hear us now, copycats? – Users create these cheater reports because they are hurt by unfaithful partners!  They don’t need to be a victim of your site!  For our users: Express yourself confidently, anonymously and freely.  Don’t let a cheater hold you hostage.

When your content is scraped or used without your permission, you have recourse in the eyes of the law, and action can be taken against these extortionists.

We get this problem all the time:

Please Remember: If you post anonymously, that’s fine. However, if you ever change your mind, our hands are tied. If you have a change of heart and wish to un-post a complaint, we can only help you if you have registered, giving us proof that you are indeed the original poster.

Sites are Stealing Your Posts!

Recently, some Internet fraudsters have been stealing content from and posting it on their sites. Then they have the b***s to make the sites look like CheatLand, even sound like CheatLand.

So why should you care?

These guys are criminal extortionists. They steal posts from CheatLand and put them on their sites. If you ask for them to be removed they will give you some story about how they can’t be removed. They will even blame excessive censorship! In reality, they want you to pay a company to get posts removed. Okay, but even if it is your own post? We call that b*******! They claim that the post was anonymous, blah, blah blah! As if you didn’t know what site you wrote or posted on!

So, what is doing about it?

These shady individuals are trying to bully the owners and service providers of CheatLand so that they can be the only “cheater” sites… So… We are exposing the websites commiting these crimes, against you, the community! What this means is that if you create a post using your registered CheatLand account, you will have more proof that it belongs to you. So, go and register before you post! You can come back and and say that’s my post.

These Are Some Of The Extortion/Copycat Sites Stealing Content From

Why Are We Doing This

Because CheatLand Was Created For The Community!

My Post Was Copied By One of These Despicable Sites, What Can I Do?

First, let us know. You can email us. If you are not comfortable doing that, contact us directly and let us know! We are compiling a list of victims, don’t let the extortionists win! belongs to you, don’t let them steal it!


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