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Carrie Cheater Lonigan – Fat Disgusting Selfish Cheater Psychopath! Cheaters

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Date: 11:29 pm

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Nasty & Disgusting SELFISH PERVERT – Expert at Gaslighting and Crazy Making, not so good at keeping secrets! Been with FWB Frank Little for more than a decade now. This POS had the audacity to date, get engaged and married while she continued to have s*x with Frank Little. Her Mom is so proud, as is Frank. All 3 are Fvcked up disturbed individuals. No ethics at all. Nast selfish POS has mastered 1. idealization 2. devalue 3. Discard cycle Don’t fall for her BS, as SHE IS NOT TRUSTWORTHY AT ALL! she is not single!

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First Name: Carrie
Middle Name: Cheater
Last Name: Lonigan – Fat Disgusting Selfish Cheater Psychopath!
Category: Cheaters


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