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Canton, Ohio Sage Recco Ashley Furniture Manager Cheaters

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Sage Recco looks sweet and innocent sure. But she plays the long game. A game that only she unstands. She will look you in the eye and tell you shes “all in” while s******g her boss and bringing home STDs… She is a daily alcohol abuser to the extent that if you end up working late, she will blow up your phone and verbally abuse you. If that doesnt bring you home she threatens self harm. If that doesnt work, well thats when she starts trashing your s**t and sending you pictures of it. I have lock myself INSIDE a room to keep her away and she actually broke it down and attacked me. She then called the cops. But not for assault or abuse or anything but to tell them i was suicidal and thats why she broke it down!! WTF??!!?? she is pschotic. And needs treatment. Straight jacket-type treatment….she is nothing but pure evil with her mind games and will make you choose her or your family. If you cross paths with sage recco, RUN BOIS! or shell burn you too with some infection.

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First Name: Canton,
Middle Name: Ohio
Last Name: Sage Recco Ashley Furniture Manager
Category: Cheaters


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