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Bessie Jo Giesler – Kansas City Area Psychos

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Date: 3:16 pm

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Bessie Jo Giesler – a serial cheater who has lost jobs by sleeping with coworkers, bosses and vendors of the major Big Box companies she works for Sams, HD, Lowe’s. She finds their number in the company directory and starts a text relationship. Within the first 20 minutes, she’ll send out a trashy nude photo of herself in the tanning bed or the typical bathroom mirror nude. It doesn’t take much for this Catholic Sunday School teacher to drop down on her knees for “attention” after she’s posted scripture on Twitter or Instagram. She’s a 40something who posts her husbands d**k pictures all over the internet as punishment. She makes Fake FB pages just to defame strong, independent, smart women that happen to know her husband. She needs a therapist, a divorce lawyer and a padded room. She needs to find a life and make something different of it. Karma

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Cheater Details

First Name: Bessie
Middle Name: Jo
Last Name: Giesler – Kansas City Area
Category: Psychos


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