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Anna Liljedahl – Homer, Alaska Home Wrecker HomeWreckers

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This homewrecker called my (now ex) husband out of the blue to discuss some pointless issue in late spring/early summer of 2020. They found something in common and decided to meet. At some point Marcus decided to pursue an adulterous affair (at least his third), and Anna Liljedahl decided to pursue a married man with a family. Make no mistake, there is no magic or falling in love, these are immoral choices made in favor of infidelity. By July 6 they were seen by my coworker at a Kenai National Wildlife Refuge cabin/trailhead (remote) in the middle of a work day. There is no work purpose for Marcus being at a refuge cabin. The next Saturday, July 11 he spent the day with her (thank you facebook!) then came to me and said “He was on a different path, he met someone, and he wasn’t working for retirement”. Marriage counseling for a second time was not going to be an option. The plan was to stay together until our youngest graduated. I was clear that I refused an open marriage until we divorced. I caught him facetiming her while hiding out around the property. On July 15 he came to me at 6:30am telling me she was on her remote property in Homer and not answering her in-reach. Who uses a married man that they supposedly just met as their point of emergency contact? I said if it is an emergency call the authorities and send them out…of course that didn’t happen. The point was to go out there and be alone in a cabin with her, which is exactly how his first infidelity with a co-worker at the Kenai Peninsula Borough started 10 years ago. Are you seeing a cabin pattern here?? I was clear that I did not give consent for him to be alone with her. I was clear on several occasions that we did not have an open marriage. On Wednesday August 5, a work day, within a week of when we were taking our oldest out of state for college (kids did not know at this point), Marcus lied about going to work, shacked up with her, and didn’t answer phone or text all day as I was dealing with his dog’s vet. When he did call, I confronted him and not only did he admit to being with her all day, he admitted to f*****g the home wrecking w***e, Anna Liljedahl. She was insecure and threatened that we were going on a trip for our child. There was no danger that there was going to be a reconciliation even before that, and I threw him out of the house that day. This home wrecking w***e, Anna Liljedahl, lives in Homer, Alaska, does climate or geology work for an organization near Woods Hole, Massachusetts, is from Sweden, and has been divorced at least once. She is cavalier about commitment and vows. If she didn’t want to be identified as a home wrecker she wouldn’t have had s*x with a married man, hastened the end of a marriage that had once been reconciled, and sent both of my children to counseling. She is a cancer. Actually, she is COVID. Our marriage may have had some underlying health concerns, but in 2020, when she came along, she was the virus that murdered the marriage. Adultery and home wrecking were choices she made, and being recognized for what she IS is a consequence of her choice. This isn’t s**t shaming, this is a finding of fact. With this proof of her integrity, I would advise keeping her away from YOUR family.

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First Name: Anna
Middle Name: Liljedahl
Last Name: – Homer, Alaska Home Wrecker
Category: HomeWreckers


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