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Amanda Leigh king HomeWreckers

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Date: 4:23 am

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This b***h is a home wrecking w***e. She thinks she cute and what she’s done is funny and believes that what she is doing is ok.
She has no job, two maybe three kids and says she gets no help from the state (ga) (what ever)…..
She is also and meth smoking dope w***e. She has probably f****d most of Cobb Co.and the surrounding county’s as well.
She has stated the it is “normal to go out side of your marriage these days” wtf?! and that “she will release him when sh is done”…..
Apparently there are some really interesting videos of her as well being pasted around a certain group of people……I for one could not possibly stomach a home made “Amanda” p**n myself.
This piece of s**t resides in powder springs and can be seen rolling around town in her navigator or her infinity (NO JOB) – ok.
Be aware if she is lurking around because she is probably going to slip your man a note that looks like a fifth grader wrote advising you main squeeze that she wants to f**k him.

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First Name: Amanda
Middle Name: Leigh
Last Name: king
Category: HomeWreckers


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