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Alisha Alonso aka Van Aisha Lee Cheaters

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Aisha Alonso – International Cheater AKA Van Aisha Lee – Dionson – Alonso

Aisha Alonso and I met online and after talking a few times we decided to meet up. Aisha has a very pretty face and can charm the pants off of any man when she is all dressed up. She was born in the Philippines and came to US in her early 20’s. She is divorced and has a son that lives with the dad in Florida (a warning sign – most woman get custody of the child in divorce). On our first date we slept together. We did everything under the sun that night; she was a lot of fun in bed a real great s**t. We continued to date for months until I caught her with another man from Ireland at The Standard in downtown LA.

We saw each most weekends and Aisha would spend most weekend nights with me at my home. She had a few draws filled with her clothes in my bedroom along with some bathroom things. Aisha even had a key to my house so she could come over whenever she wanted. We went to Church together. The week before I found her cheating I introduced her to my daughter. We had s*x in a nice Hotel a few blocks from The Standard the week before. I trusted Aisha.

About 2 month into her relationship she went on a trip to Ireland. The weekend before Aisha’s trip she picked out an engagement setting. We had plans to get married; Aisha was making changes to our future home (moving things around, repainting and the like). Aisha seemed really excited about our future. I was shopping for a 2 Karat diamond for the setting. We were to go on our Honeymoon in Greece. We planned for Aisha to meet my family for a wedding in mid-June 2013 (New York) and after we returned from the wedding we were to go on a Mexican cruise at the end of June.
My birthday was coming up on Monday June 10th. Aisha let me know after her trip back from Ireland that her son was coming into town and she would not be able to see me on my birthday weekend and that it was bad luck to celebrate and we should wait till after my birthday. The reason why Aisha could not see me was because Aisha was going to take her Son to Las Vegas to visit her mother (her son’s grandmother). I said no problem enjoy you time with your son. See you when you get back from Vegas.

It was on Friday night June 7th my friend and I decided to hit The Standard for drinks in downtown LA. I noticed a SUV Porsche in the parking area as I was about to park my car. The SUV looked like Aisha’s and upon closer view of the license plate number is was hers. I tried to call her and she did not pick up her phone. I went home that evening and decided to see if her car was still parked at The Standard the next morning – it was. As I walked into the Hotel I ran into Aisha kissing a man at the front desk. I walked up to her and the look on her face was of horror.

She asked what I was doing here and I asked for my key back and that she lied to me and was cheating on me. She threatened to call 911 and I said go ahead I’m sure the police would like to know how your car got here on a suspended license for your DWI. Then she yelled for security. Security came and asked what the problem was. I informed him that I found my GF cheating on me and all I wanted was to get my house key back so I don’t have to change the locks. In the end I was able to get my house key back

Later that night a female friend and I went to hit the rooftop bar at The Standard. I ran into one of Aisha’s girlfriends and she told me that the guy she is with came over from Ireland (that’s where they hooked up), that they are staying a few nights at The Standard then going down to Newport before he goes back home. Aisha planed out the whole trip out she said. Aisha never thought she would get caught in a million years she went on to say.
The bottom line is that this woman is a s**t and a first class w***e. Any man stupid enough to date this woman for a serious relationship should really think hard. Looking back on things, G*d was looking out for me. What was I thinking, this woman lives at home with her mom at 32, no college education, all the nice things she has are from ex’s she sleeps with.

Man was I lucky, thank you Lord!!!!

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Cheater Details

First Name: Alisha
Middle Name: Alonso
Last Name: aka Van Aisha Lee
Category: Cheaters


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