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4th marraige down Cheaters

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She’s been married 4 times.preached about how faithful and honest she was and always blamed me. I was the faithful one. I put a GPS on her vehicle ke.she was meeting him at their storage unit on some days and his place on others. I found he taking out a verizon account that I didn’t know about in only her name. The number is the same number she had with our joint account with exception she changeded the area code..she told me she was going to visit her mom at the last minute on a Friday at the last minute. 6 hour drive. She never does that. I told her to wait and I’ll go with her. She said she didn’t want me to go . I said wait till I get home and we’ll discuss it. She said she was leaving then. By the time I got home she wasn’t there. Her mom didn’t know where she was. I didn’t hear from her the whole weekend.because of the other phone line, they were able to line things up. She told me she found the GPS. This is her 4th marraige going for 5.

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First Name: 4th
Middle Name: marraige
Last Name: down
Category: Cheaters


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