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Zuckenberg and Senator Booker Cheaters

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Date: 9:57 pm

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What is the relationship between Zuckenberg and NJ Senator

Maybe now we can start an investigation on everything with NJ cyber heist; defamation; google tech crunch; shadow data brokers; NJIT; Gannett; Amazon; NJhiredGuns; Check mate; Katz murder; Sheridan murders; 100
Million to the schools in NJ ; missing money for MLK house; dead judge who tossed tons of civil rights cases;; Steve A and Roger S; the Mueller investigating; the Apple subpoena; Trump; Norcross; Sweeney and Christie

NJ is the nucleus to this Facebook mess

NJ Senator got
The highest amount of cash from Facebook ?????

Social media has become the new day weapon to win elections and disrupted democracy.

Facebook;; Gannett and google must be exposed

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First Name: Zuckenberg
Middle Name: and
Last Name: Senator Booker
Category: Cheaters


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