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Ziggy Pedone, California Cheaters

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Date: 9:58 pm

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If I would have known he was married the day I met him I would have never even gone out with him. So much about this man that is wrong where do i begin. Yes, I fell for it, all his lies. When we met he said he was divorced that he was finally ready to move on and have a family. One night while I was over taking shower he came in running and asked me just to stay there. I thought maybe it was a fight with his supplier or something, after a few minutes I sneaked out only to find a women there and him talking his way out of her staying. When she left and I confronted him, this is when he told me he was still married. he kept promising he was filing for a divorce and never did. She was a stripper in Vegas this is how he had so much time to spend with me. On her days here he would just say he had plans with friends. He was f*****g her while being with me, he started not coming home at night or telling me his depression meds made him not want to have s*x when in fact he was f*****g her and making excuses with me. This man is so mental that he could not handle day to day life, he went so far as when his dog got sick instead of treating him as i wanted to and begged him, even offered to pay for it. He took him to vet behind my back and had him put down. I was heartbroken, the vet had said all he needed was a simple surgery. I slowly starting seeing the type of man he was especially when he didn’t take his meds. I would find him throwing s**t all over the house, crawled up in a ball or worst one day i found him with a needle up his arm with all the people he deals to. I’ve had to take him to the hospital several time from ODing and mental breaks. He may seem normal when you meet him but after a few months the real him comes out and by that time its too late. I fell for him and had given him so much. Lend him money to pay rent or food. He could not hold a job, he is on disability and all day he spends in bed, he talks s**t about all his friends, no one is good enough for him. One day he was gone and went back to his wife. I wonder if his wife knows that it was not only me he was sleeping with but I found out in the end that he is bi and when he can’t afford drugs he pays by doing sexual favors. Just to read the text between him and his suppliers made me nauseous. Be warned ladies. I am now getting treatment for all he gave me.

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First Name: Ziggy
Middle Name: Pedone,
Last Name: California
Category: Cheaters


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