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Zachary James Hunter Cheaters

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At present, he may be pretending to be a nice guy and a family man. But what he had done outside the US is very dirty and absolutely unforgivable!! He played with our lovely innocent girl’s affections deceiving and using her just for short time fun and s*x!! What was even worse, he got her pregnant and cruelly abandoned her and fled back to the states!! He had always told her sweet things and hinted that he would be with her even after he got back to the states though!! So she trusted him and believed she could be with her man happily forever!! Such a BIG LIAR!!! We don’t even want to think..but one day, he took a condom off and c*m inside her WITHOUT ASKING HER!!! Then she noticed what happened and got upset, but all he said was “KEEP WASHING YOUR P***Y ALL DAY, AND GO TO HOSPITAL to get pills”, AND HE RAN AWAY!! She went to the hospital alone with a great disappointment in his cruel attitude, but she got pregnant after all.. She was just an innocent girl who only dreamed of having a blessed family with a beloved one. She had trusted him, so his betray gave her a severe shock!! All these facts made her insane and completely broke her heart and pregnant body!! It’s a too long story to tell about all the tragic things that has been caused by these awful things since then until today!! She has still been suffering from both mental and body pains he inflicted on!! Her doctor says it will take much more time until she can stand up from the bed, walk, eat and speak normally just like before!! He is now living insensitively as if there had been nothing. Though he has kept forcing an innocent girl to experience the tortures of h**l, how could he smile with his newborn baby in his arms? How could he build a happy life on these secret evil deeds and feel blessed? If his daughter was forced to experience the same thing as he did to our girl, how would he feel as her father? We’ll NEVER forgive this awful devil!!!

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First Name: Zachary
Middle Name: James
Last Name: Hunter
Category: Cheaters


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