Zachary Adam Campagne, Michigan

Zachary Adam Campagne is a sociopath but is not smart enough to comprehend the meaning of that word. Zachary is a drug addict and will use anything that he can get his hands on while putting his own habit ahead of his kids, his family, and his friends. He speaks without fact, he will tell you that the sky is blue when it is red, he will steal from his own mother and have no shame. Posted originally on Having a concience is something that Zachary has never had. Zachary robbed his drug dealer after finding her dead body inside of her living room and then sold everything on Facebook. He is disgusting. His ex wife is just as bad but she is not at too much fault because Zachary is convincing. He hit his family up for money so that he and his wife could pay for his wedding while claiming that he was broke and then proceeded to pay for a breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and liposuction for his wife. He then stole and pawned a necklace that belonged to his mother and also passed over stolen merchandise to family members which he obtained from Best Buy illegally. STAY AWAY from Zachary Adam Campagne.

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