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Cheater Profile Unfair Employment and Termination!!! Business

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BuyBacks Entertainment I was terminated from Jimick Products, Inc. BuyBacks Entertainment after working with them, at the Dayton/Miamisburg branch, for 6 months–reason for termination, Unsatisfactory Work Performance. When I started at Buybacks I quickly became the main closer of the store for over 5 months. I counted the money, ran the reports, merchandised the store and made sure that everything in my job description was completely done. If business was slow that night with the help of coworkers we would prepare the online amazon orders that were suppose to be done by my manager in the mornings. These online orders we completed to the fullest from printing off the order to packaging for shipment the next day. Within the previous month, before being terminated from BuyBacks Entertainment, I was given a 10 cent raise for doing my job very well stated by my manager. There were no written reports or verbal reports on my performance, except for a peer evaluation and a PRIVATE evaluation from the manager. Nothing was discussed about my performance during that evaluation period. I could count on one hand the amount of times I was late to work, many times dealing with weather conditions. I also only called off work if I was ill, providing the manager with doctor’s waiver. For my termination, my manager personally came up to the store to apologize to me and thanked me for all of my hard work but it was out of his hands. The “Unsatisfactory Work Performance” reason for termination doesn’t follow based upon my work performance, since there are no write-ups due to work performance or attendance, my raise just a few short weeks before my termination, the manager giving me his personal regards during my termination. Other issues with Buybacks (Dayton/Miamisburg Area) are included below: :::Many times corporate allowed employee shortages or store hour shortages (scheduling hours for the employees), knowing that the manager would be a push-over and take on well over 60 hrs. per week at the store. :::Since my employment with BuyBacks Entertainment there has not been a woman hired or considered for employment and also to my knowledge there has not been a woman hired since my termination. :::We, the employees, would continually be threatened that we would loose our jobs, if we didn’t work faster and/or do what they wanted us to do exactly to the “T”. :::Steve Anderson, upon finding out that a supposed customer was really an employees family member, his demeanor completely changed and was no longer the friendly business man.
Steve Anderson
154 Springboro pike,
Dayton/Miamisburg branch, 45401

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Last Name: Employment and Termination!!!
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