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Yossri Elabid Alexandria Egypt is a criminal and pimp

Yossri Elabid or Yousry Elabiad, is a car theif and a pimp who was charged with prostitution and drug traffecing in Alexandria Egypt.

Yossri Elbiad served time in jail, and told all his people he was on a health trip to get well. He did pay lots of money to get out of jail and get another innocent person to say they did the crime.

Yossry Elabid gets young Arab girls to be hooked on drugs then he seduces them and get them to work as prostitutes. He is very well known to pay lots of money to the corrupted police officers to cover his crimes.

Yossry Elabid is a gang leader and some of the people who work with yousry Elabyad include Sameh Meselh (Sameh Mselhy) and Ahmed Marzouk (Ahmad Marzouk) the lawyer.

Do not buy cars from Elabid motors (Elbyad motors) because they are mainly stolen cars and yossri elabiad will put you in jail.

يسري الأبيض صاحب الأبيض موتورز والشركة المصرو أمريكية للمقاولات ده نصاب عالمي شغال في الدعارة وسرقة العربيات والنصب والاحتيال. اياك من التعامل مع يسري الأبيض وعصابته. بعض الأشخاص اللي بيشتغلوا مع يسري الأبيض النصاب زي الواطي سامح مصيلحي والكلب أحمد مرزوق الأهبل . انفد بجلدك يا مؤمن وخليك في السليم واياك تكون الضحية القادمة للقواد يسري الأبيض

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