Yazmin Marie Navedo, Granbury, Texas

Yazmin Marie Navedo chased a married man knowing he’s married with children. Keeps calling him and even tried making him move in with her. Sorry homewrecker but your boyfriend can’t be another woman’s husband. The price you pay for knowingly continuing your affair even after finding out he’s still married and living at home. Karma plastered all over social media…

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Author: Anonymous

1 thought on “Yazmin Marie Navedo, Granbury, Texas”

  1. Leave this woman alone. He is nothing but a coward, a lier and a manipulater with 3 other baby mama’s. Unfortunately men like that are Narcissistic I always say. This man has claimed to want to start a life with her, have kids, and so forth. Doing ping pong between her and his wife?? What a low life, indecisive, cheating husband. It’s a shame there are Sites like these for bashing women when there are TWO sides to ever story. His wife should be ashamed to attack her on these false sites and NOT the actual problem here (him). I can’t stand when these women feel the need to do all this towards the “other women”. Yet they want to talk about respect when they allow their husband to continually get away with it. Shame on the wife for not handling her own home and her own husband the right way, shame on this disgraceful man and shame on the “other women” for sticking by and wasting her youth and energy on that families drama.

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