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Willie Wright Jr, Evansville, Indiana HomeWreckers

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Date: 2:07 pm

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Will has been in relationship for awhile now.He is on every dating site with old pictures. Headline is always ” partner in crime” All info is incorrect. He smokes like a train an alcoholic. Has 3 dogs. Works for a food service. He very much so likes nude pictures to be sent. Trust me not for his eyes only. He will tell you how great he is but… He’s a narcissist. He will tell the stories of everyone ripped him off thousands. Every word from his mouth is a lie. He is very mentally abusive. Will always speak of other women non stop. He has had some beautiful relationships but can’t seem to be faithful. He always has 3 or 4 plus girlfriend at home. He is not thankful for anything bit always takes advantage!

Be aware of scumbags like this.

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First Name: Willie
Middle Name: Wright
Last Name: Jr, Evansville, Indiana
Category: HomeWreckers


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