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Willie Cook Cheaters

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This man is the worst of the worst. Besides being a full~time dog and a pro at lying, he is also a mooch. This man is fabulous for the first few months, but you see his true colors shortly after. He will come into your life with these promises of love and life long devotion, take you to family events, and introduce you to his son. But, the truth is he is married and can’t decide whether that’s what he wants or not. He is the most bipolar person you will ever meet…one moment happy with you and the next angry and depressed about everything in his life. His wife and he have been split up and back together at least six times, and he never intends on leaving her but that is not what he will tell you. He will show you the divorce papers that he never will sign and tell his ex to go *** herself over the phone, but it is all a front. Their relationship is a joke. They Introduce their toddler son to all these new people that they are seeing just to make one another jealous. And that is exactly what you will be if you get involved with him, and a p**n in their game of jealousy. He can’t stand to be alone so when they split up he finds a woman to leech off of until they get back together again. He lies constantly, and he is very convincing. Being with him is like the nightmare roller coaster ride of your life. He will do everything to convince you that his unhappiness and indecision is somehow your fault. The worst aspect of this man is that he has a horrible temper and he WILL put his hands on you if he gets mad enough. He won’t just hit you once either. LEAVE THIS MAN ALONE LADIES. For your own good, please don’t make the same mistake I did. This man will ruin your life.

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First Name: Willie
Middle Name:
Last Name: Cook
Category: Cheaters


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