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WFNNB / Comenity / Pier One Credit Card Business

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If you thought the Pier One card through Chase was bad WFNNB (World Financial Network National) a.k.a. Comenity is worse! They raised my rate to 26.99% from 21.99% late fees went from $10.00 to $35.00. They somehow got me on paperless billing so I never rec’d the statement by email or mail. After 2 month’s, Comenity called me on Labor Day to tell me my account was overdue… just what you want to deal with on a holiday…huh! Anyway, I paid the bill online that day and explained to them that I never wanted paperless billing. The agent removed the late fee’s and I was back on paper statements. I thought we were good until I saw that this incident was reported to the credit bureau and it lowered my score. To make a long story short…Comenity did nothing until I contacted Pier One Corporate offices. They conferenced me in with WFNNB/Comenity explained the issues and resolved it in a couple minuteds. Turns out other customers had the same issue. I was told that my payment history with them would be restored byt the end of the week. Kudos to Pier One customer relations team for their help. However, I closed my Pier One card and my Carson Pirie Scott card as they too moved to this bank. SAY NO TO WFNNB/COMENITY!!! SAVE YOURSELF AGGREVATION AND PAY CASH OR USE ANOTHER CREDIT CARD.

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First Name: WFNNB
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Last Name: Comenity / Pier One Credit Card
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